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    • Kiril Vladimiroff's avatar
      Read encoded with base64 user data · d1e26fc1
      Kiril Vladimiroff authored
      This allows users of CloudSigma's VM to encode their user data with base64.
      In order to do that thet have to add the ``cloudinit-user-data`` field to
      the ``base64_fields``. The latter is a comma-separated field with
      all the meta fields whit base64 encoded values.
  6. 13 Feb, 2014 1 commit
    • Scott Moser's avatar
      cloudsigma: change default dsmode to 'net' · 18b8d40d
      Scott Moser authored
      Previously this had 'local' as the default datasource mode, meaning
      that user-data code such as boot hooks and such would not be guaranteed to have
      network access.  That would be out of sync with the expectation on other
      platforms where the default is 'network up'.
      The user can still specify 'dsmode' as local if necessary and the
      local datasource will claim itself found.
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    • Ben Howard's avatar
      Fixes for SmartOS datasource (LP: #1272115): · fb55c107
      Ben Howard authored
      1. fixed conflation of user-data and cloud-init user-data. Cloud-init
         user-data is now namespaced as 'cloud-init:user-data'.
      2. user-scripts are now fetched from the meta-data service each boot and
         executed as in the scripts directory
      3. datacenter name is now namespaced as sdc:datacenter
      4. user-scripts should be shebanged if there is no file magic
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    • Ben Howard's avatar
      Fixes for the MP. · d1bad888
      Ben Howard authored
      Changed cc_disk_setup to handle the file systems as a label, no longer
      passing "log" around.
      Tidied up the documentation to reflect the changes and made grammer,
      spelling and improved the content a little.
      Added disk_setup to the default modules list.
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    • Scott Moser's avatar
      changes to behavior on specifying keys. · 10c8ec1e
      Scott Moser authored
      The most likely end user operation (or at least a valid one) for base64
      encoding would be to encode the user-data, but leave all other values
      as plaintext.
      In order to facilitate that, the user can simply add:
      to indicate that user-data is base64 encoded.
      Other changes here are to change the cloud-config and metadata keynames
      that are used.
        base64_all = boolean(True)
        base64_keys = [list, of, keys]
      Fixed up tests to accomodate.
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    • Scott Moser's avatar
      azure: support bouncing interfaces to publish new hostname · 3d10b8d0
      Scott Moser authored
      See the added doc/sources/azure/README.rst for why this is necessary.
      Essentially, we now are doing the following in the get_data() method
      of azure datasource to publish this NewHostname:
       hostname NewHostName
       ifdown eth0; 
       ifup eth0
      LP: #1202758
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