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      drop 'is_excluded'. · 20305aea
      Scott Moser authored
      for now, this the mechanism just doesn't seem right.
      I think i'd rather have the module declare supported distros than
      have distros declare [un]supported modules.
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      Add a more generic package install mechansim · 7029732d
      Joshua Harlow authored
      that removes some of the code in apt_update_upgrade
      to do upgrades and installs and places it in a 
      generic package module and adjusts some of the 
      reboot backoffs and log flushing/sleeping that
      was happening there.
  14. 22 Aug, 2012 4 commits
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      add apt_reboot_if_required to reboot if required · 7b715270
      Scott Moser authored
      If an upgrade or package installation forced a reboot (such as a kernel
      upgrade), then we can optionally reboot at that point.
      This allows the user to not be into the newest available kernel without
      needing a reboot on their own.
      LP: #1038108
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      fix pep8 complaints. · 451e4873
      Scott Moser authored
      make pep8 now is silent on precise's pep8 ( 0.6.1-2ubuntu2).
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      rework package mirror selection · d713d7bc
      Scott Moser authored
      There are several changes here.
       * Datasource now has a 'availability_zone' getter.
       * get_package_mirror_info
         * Datasource convenience 'get_package_mirror_info' that calls
           the configured distro, and passes it the availability-zone
         * distro has a get_package_mirror_info method
         * get_package_mirror_info returns a dict that of name:mirror
           this is to facilitate use of 'security' and 'primary' archive.
         * this supports searching based on templates.  Any template
           that references undefined values is skipped.  These templates
           can contain 'availability_zone' (LP: #1037727)
         * distro's mirrors can be arch specific (LP: #1028501)
       * rename_apt_lists supports the "mirror_info" rather than single mirror
       * generate_sources_list supports mirror_info, and as a result, the
         ubuntu mirrors reference '$security' rather than security (LP: #1006963)
       * remove the DataSourceEc2 specific mirror selection, but instead
         rely on the above filtering, and the fact that 'ec2_region' is only
         defined if the availability_zone looks like a ec2 az.
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      Remove the need to have transforms start with "cc_". · 75b46cc8
      Joshua Harlow authored
      1. Just let them have no prefix (ie blank) unless this isn't wanted later.
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      1. Add comment as to what http proxy setting means · 5fefdecc
      Joshua Harlow authored
      2. Adjust so file contents will join with a string instead of appending to something that might not be a string
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    • Joshua Harlow's avatar
      Complete initial cleanup for refactoring/rework. · 508168ac
      Joshua Harlow authored
      Some of the cleanups were the following
      1. Using standard (logged) utility functions for sub process work, writing, reading files, and other file system/operating system options
      2. Having distrobutions impelement there own subclasses to handle system specifics (if applicable)
      3. Having a cloud wrapper that provides just the functionality we want to expose (cloud.py)
      4. Using a path class instead of globals for all cloud init paths (it is configured via config)
      5. Removal of as much shared global state as possible (there should be none, minus a set of constants)
      6. Other various cleanups that remove transforms/handlers/modules from reading/writing/chmoding there own files. 
       a. They should be using util functions to take advantage of the logging that is now enabled in those util functions (very useful for debugging)
      7. Urls being read and checked from a single module that serves this and only this purpose (+1 for code organization)
      8. Updates to log whenever a transform decides not to run
      9. Ensure whenever a exception is thrown (and possibly captured) that the util.logexc function is called 
       a. For debugging, tracing this is important to not just drop them on the floor.
      10. Code shuffling into utils.py where it makes sense (and where it could serve a benefit for other code now or in the future)
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