1. 12 May, 2016 1 commit
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      Remove the need to have transforms start with "cc_". · 75b46cc8
      Joshua Harlow authored
      1. Just let them have no prefix (ie blank) unless this isn't wanted later.
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      Complete initial cleanup for refactoring/rework. · 508168ac
      Joshua Harlow authored
      Some of the cleanups were the following
      1. Using standard (logged) utility functions for sub process work, writing, reading files, and other file system/operating system options
      2. Having distrobutions impelement there own subclasses to handle system specifics (if applicable)
      3. Having a cloud wrapper that provides just the functionality we want to expose (cloud.py)
      4. Using a path class instead of globals for all cloud init paths (it is configured via config)
      5. Removal of as much shared global state as possible (there should be none, minus a set of constants)
      6. Other various cleanups that remove transforms/handlers/modules from reading/writing/chmoding there own files. 
       a. They should be using util functions to take advantage of the logging that is now enabled in those util functions (very useful for debugging)
      7. Urls being read and checked from a single module that serves this and only this purpose (+1 for code organization)
      8. Updates to log whenever a transform decides not to run
      9. Ensure whenever a exception is thrown (and possibly captured) that the util.logexc function is called 
       a. For debugging, tracing this is important to not just drop them on the floor.
      10. Code shuffling into utils.py where it makes sense (and where it could serve a benefit for other code now or in the future)
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      make cloud-config modules configurable by cloud-config · 22184b7c
      Scott Moser authored
      The list of cloud-config modules is now kept in cloud config itself.
      There is a builtin list in cloudinit, which is overrideable by 
       /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg or user data cloud-config.
      This should make the modules more easily added or removed (as no code
      needs to be edited now)
      Basic summary of changes:
       - move CloudConfig.py -> cloudinit/CloudConfig/__init__.py
       - split cloud-config modules into their own files named
       - remove all the upstart/cloud-config-* scripts, replacing them with