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    azure dhclient-hook cleanups · 64522efe
    Scott Moser authored
    This adds some function to the generator to maintain the presense of a
    flag file '/run/cloud-init/enabled' indicating that cloud-init is enabled.
    Then, only run the dhclient hooks if on Azure and cloud-init is enabled.
    The test for is_azure currently only checks to see that the board vendor
    is Microsoft, not actually that we are on azure.  Running should not be
    harmful anywhere, other than slowing down dhclient.
    The value of this additional code is that then dhclient having run
    does not task the system with the load of cloud-init.
    Additionally, some changes to config are done here.
     * rename 'dhclient_leases' to 'dhclient_lease_file'
     * move that to the datasource config (datasource/Azure/dhclient_lease_file)
    Also, it removes the config in config/cloud.cfg that set agent_command
    to __builtin__.  This means that by default cloud-init still needs
    the agent installed.  The suggested follow-on improvement is to
    use __builtin__ if there is no walinux-agent installed.
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