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    mounts: support reliably detecting and using Azure ephemeral disks · d68b340f
    Scott Moser authored
    Azure's ephemeral disks are not guaranteed to be assigned the same name by
    the kernel every boot. This causes problems on ~2% of Azure instances, and
    can be fixed by using udev rules to give us a deterministic path to mount;
    this patch introduces those udev rules and modifies the Azure data source
    to use them.
    Changes to a couple of config modules were also required. In some places,
    they just needed to learn to dereference symlinks. In cc_mounts this
    wasn't sufficient because the dereferenced device would have been put in
    /etc/fstab (rather defeating the point of using the udev rules in the
    first place). A fairly hefty refactor was required to separate "is this a
    valid block device?" from "what shall I put in fstab?".
    LP: #1411582
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