Commit 25e49ebc authored by James Valleroy's avatar James Valleroy

backups: Patch actions for shutdown services test

Signed-off-by: James Valleroy's avatarJames Valleroy <>
parent dd4e6d79
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ Tests for backups module.
import collections
import unittest
from unittest.mock import patch
from unittest.mock import call, patch
from plinth.module_loader import load_modules
from ..backups import _list_of_all_apps_for_backup, _get_apps_in_order, \
......@@ -81,15 +81,25 @@ class TestBackups(unittest.TestCase):
config_index = ordered_app_names.index('config')
assert names_index < config_index
def test__shutdown_services(self):
def test__shutdown_services(self, run, is_running):
"""Test that services are stopped in correct order."""
manifests = [
('a', None, _get_test_manifest('a')),
('b', None, _get_test_manifest('b')),
is_running.return_value = True
state = _shutdown_services(manifests)
assert 'a' in state
assert 'b' in state
calls = [
call('service', ['stop', 'b']),
call('service', ['stop', 'a'])
def test__restore_services(self, run):
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