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- Remove hard-coded list of dependencies. Maintaining a separate list here add
  development burden. This list keeps getting outdated often.

- Redirect users to QuickStart manual page for regular us.

- Remove instructions for Django < 1.11 because it is now available in buster
  and above.
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# Installing FreedomBox Service (Plinth)
1. Install the dependencies:
The following instructions are for installing FreedomBox from source code meant
for advanced users. For regular use of FreedomBox, instructions are available on
FreedomBox [Manual]('s
[QuickStart]( page.
On a Debian based system, run:
1. Install FreedomBox Service (Plinth):
A Debian based system is needed to run FreedomBox. Buster release or later
is recommended. Unzip the source into a directory. Change to the directory
containing the program and run:
$ sudo apt-get install \
augeas-tools \
dblatex \
docbook-utils \
e2fsprogs \
fonts-lato \
gettext \
gir1.2-glib-2.0 \
gir1.2-nm-1.0 \
ldapscripts \
libjs-bootstrap \
libjs-jquery \
libjs-modernizr \
make \
network-manager \
ppp \
pppoe \
python3 \
python3-apt \
python3-augeas \
python3-bootstrapform \
python3-cherrypy3 \
python3-configobj \
python3-coverage \
python3-django \
python3-django-axes \
python3-django-captcha \
python3-django-stronghold \
python3-gi \
python3-psutil \
python3-requests \
python3-ruamel.yaml \
python3-setuptools \
$ sudo apt build-dep .
2. Install FreedomBox Service (Plinth):
$ sudo apt install -y $(./run --list-dependencies)
Unzip the source into a directory. Change to the directory containing the
program and run:
Install additional dependencies by picking the list from debian/control file
fields Depends: and Recommends: for the package ''freedombox''. After that
install FreedomBox Service (Plinth) itself.
$ sudo python3 install
$ sudo apt install -y $(plinth --list-dependencies)
3. Run FreedomBox Service (Plinth):
2. Run FreedomBox Service (Plinth):
$ sudo plinth
4. Access FreedomBox UI:
3. Access FreedomBox UI:
UI should be accessible at http://localhost:8000/plinth
# Note on Django version:
Django 1.11 is required to run FreedomBox Service (Plinth). You can check the
version by running:
$ django-admin --version
If apt-get provided django < 1.11, then follow the steps below:
1. Uninstall older django versions:
$ sudo apt-get remove python3-django python3-django-stronghold \
2. Install Python3 pip:
$ sudo apt-get install python3-pip
3. Install django1.11 through pip:
$ sudo pip3 install django django-bootstrap-form django-stronghold \
django-axes django-simple-captcha --upgrade
If you are installing FreedomBox Service (Plinth) for development purposes, see instead.
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