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      Don't use actions to check if service is running · 07e2c0ce
      Sunil Mohan Adapa authored
      - To check whether a service is running does not require root
        privileges.  This can directly be done from a module without any
      - Since actions are allowed to be run using sudo, introducing
        unnecessary sub-commands increases attack surface.
      - Simple functions calls are unnecessarily being converted to command
        line invocations and involve parsing response.
      - There is a lot of repeated code because of this that can be
      - To generalize this, we need to make all non-root system operations
        directly from module instead of delegating to action commands.
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      Use only action utilities for service management · 3b6af2f2
      Sunil Mohan Adapa authored
      - When disabling a service, ignore if unable to stop the service.
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