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    Import Debian changes 5.4.1-11 · 9f200e64
    Matthias Klose authored
    gcc-5 (5.4.1-11) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Update to SVN 20170519 (r248301, 5.4.1) from the gcc-5-branch.
        - Fix PR libstdc++/80504, PR libstdc++/80448, PR libstdc++/67440,
          PR libstdc++/69699, PR libstdc++/71444, PR libstdc++/78236,
          PR libstdc++/59170, PR libstdc++/59161, PR libstdc++/62045,
          PR libstdc++/62045, PR libstdc++/66059, PR target/80799 (x86).
      * Re-add unwind support on kfreebsd-amd64 (James Clarke).
      * Work around #814977 (gnat calling gcc-5-5) by providing a gcc-5-5
      * Update the ibm branch to 20170519.
    gcc-5 (5.4.1-10) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Update to SVN 20170515 (r248069, 5.4.1) from the gcc-5-branch.
        - Fix PR libstdc++/79980, PR libstdc++/80041, PR libstdc++/79980,
          PR libstdc++/79511, PR libstdc++/80034, PR target/45053 (PPC),
          PR c++/79548, PR target/69868 (PPC), PR target/68491 (x86),
          PR target/68390 (ARM), PR target/80376 (PPC), PR target/80315 (PPC),
          PR target/80082 (ARM), PR ipa/77333, PR tree-optimization/68021,
          PR target/79733 (x86), PR target/80246 (PPC), PR target/80180 (x86),
          PR lto/79587, PR target/79906 (PPC), PR gcov-profile/80081,
          PR middle-end/79753, PR target/79769, PR target/79770,
          PR middle-end/79831, PR middle-end/78339, PR target/65705,
          PR target/69804, PR sanitizer/71458, PR tree-optimization/79631,
          PR ipa/79761, PR tree-optimization/79803, PR rtl-optimization/79574,
          PR rtl-optimization/79574, PR rtl-optimization/79577,
          PR target/79951 (PPC), PR target/71017 (x86), PR target/80019 (x86),
          PR target/79439 (PPC), PR target/77850 (PA), PR fortran/80392,
          PR fortran/80361, PR fortran/59910, PR fortran/80388, PR c/79756,
          PR tree-optimization/79732, PR tree-optimization/79666,
          PR tree-optimization/80122, PR tree-optimization/80334,
          PR middle-end/80539, PR fortran/79894.
      * Fix symlinks to man pages in the hppa64 package. Addresses: #857583.
      * Fix ecj1 symlink for gcj cross compiler packages. Addresses: #855640.
      * Don't ship the gnatgcc manpage symlink when building GFDL packages.
        Addresses: #857384.
      * Install the gcov-dump utility.
      * Remove libquadmath/gdtoa license from debian/copyright (files removed).
      * PR preprocessor/71183, taken from the trunk. Closes: #823937.
      * Update the Linaro support to the 5-2017.05 snapshot.
      * Disable running the testsuite on KFreeBSD, hanging the buildds.
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