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    Import Debian changes 8.2.0-15 · a3b4747e
    Matthias Klose authored
    gcc-8 (8.2.0-15) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Update to SVN 20190125 (r268257) from the gcc-8-branch.
        - Fix PR libstdc++/80762, PR libstdc++/80762, PR libstdc++/87855,
          PR libstdc++/87514, PR libstdc++/87520, PR libstdc++/88782,
          PR libstdc++/87855, PR c/88720, PR c/88726, PR ipa/88214,
          PR ipa/85574, PR tree-optimization/85574, PR target/84010 (SPARC),
          PR target/88938 (x86), PR target/88799 (ARM), PR tree-optimization/89008,
          PR c++/86610, PR fortran/81849, PR fortran/88803, PR fortran/35031,
          PR libfortran/88776, PR target/88998 (x86), PR target/88469 (ARM).
      * Turn on profiled bootstrap on x86, ARM32, AArch64, PPC64 and s390x
        architectures for native builds.
      * Relax the shlibs dependency for libgnat-8. Closes: #920246.
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