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    'base' now part of lib_binaries again, not arch_binaries · f053b28a
    Dima Kogan authored
    This was changed in Debian gcc 5.1.1-8. After that change, 'base' went
    into arch_binaries, which made the 'base' build a dependency of
    'binary-arch' in rules2, and building the cross toolchain would thus
    invoke the rules for $(binary_stamp)-base in binary-base.mk. Those
    rules have a problem: lots of instances of error 'package gcc-5-base
    is not in control info'.
    This patch reverts to the old behavior where we don't invoke the
    $(binary_stamp)-base rules at all. It's not generically correct, and
    we should either fix these rules, or skip them in a more explicit way
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