Commit 12ce064b authored by Fangrui Song's avatar Fangrui Song

Fix #24

parent 62a86a25
......@@ -218,16 +218,6 @@ If nil, disable semantic highlighting."
(1 (funcall fn cquery-sem-function-faces))
(_ (funcall fn cquery-sem-variable-faces)))))))
(defun cquery--read-semantic-ranges (symbol face)
(--map (let ((start (gethash "start" it))
(end (gethash "end" it)))
(list (cons (gethash "line" start)
(gethash "character" start))
(cons (gethash "line" end)
(gethash "character" end))
(gethash "ranges" symbol)))
(defun cquery--publish-semantic-highlighting (_workspace params)
"Publish semantic highlighting information according to PARAMS."
(when cquery-sem-highlight-method
......@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@
(require 'cquery-inheritance-hierarchy)
(require 'cquery-member-hierarchy)
(require 'ht)
(require 'seq)
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -129,7 +128,7 @@ root location or `nil' if another matcher should be used instead.
(-when-let* ((mode major-mode)
(info (cquery-file-info))
(args (seq-into (ht-get info "args") 'vector))
(args (seq-into (gethash "args" info) 'vector))
(new-args (let ((i 0) ret)
(while (< i (length args))
(let ((arg (elt args i)))
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