Commit 275bf669 authored by Fangrui Song's avatar Fangrui Song

.vscode/cquery_cached_index/ -> .cquery_cached_index/

parent 9e029550
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
(defalias 'cquery-additional-arguments 'cquery-extra-args)
(defcustom cquery-cache-dir
"Directory in which cquery will store its index cache.
Relative to the project root directory."
:type 'directory
......@@ -293,17 +293,17 @@ If nil, disable semantic highlighting."
for (start end face) in ranges do
(forward-line (- (car start) last-line-number))
(forward-char (cdr start))
;; start of range
(setq range-start (point))
(forward-line (- (car end) (car start)))
(forward-char (cdr end))
;; end of range
(setq range-end (point))
(setq last-line-number (car start))
(forward-line (- (car end) (car start)))
(forward-char (cdr end))
;; end of range
(setq range-end (point)))
(cquery--make-sem-highlight (cons range-start range-end) buffer face)
(setq last-line-number (car end)))))))))))))
(defmacro cquery-use-default-rainbow-sem-highlight ()
"Use default rainbow semantic highlighting theme."
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