Commit 57bc7fd3 authored by Fangrui Song's avatar Fangrui Song

Remove ccls-xref-find-custom in favor of lsp-find-custom

parent d91ae684
......@@ -165,22 +165,6 @@ root location or `nil' if subsequent matchers should be used instead.
(list :whitelist (or whitelist [])
:blacklist (or blacklist [])))))
(defun ccls-xref-find-custom (method &optional display-action)
"Find ccls-specific cross references.
Choices of METHOD include \"$ccls/base\", \"$ccls/callers\",
\"$ccls/derived\", \"$ccls/vars\".
Read document for all choices. DISPLAY-ACTION is passed to xref--show-xrefs."
(let ((xrefs (lsp--locations-to-xref-items
(lsp--make-request method
(unless xrefs
(user-error "No %s found" method))
(xref--show-xrefs xrefs display-action)))
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Register lsp client
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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