Commit b0730976 authored by Fangrui Song's avatar Fangrui Song

Remove unused

parent 34aab065
......@@ -78,25 +78,6 @@ Relative to the project root directory."
:type '(repeat string)
:group 'ccls)
(defcustom ccls-project-root-function
"A function used to find the project root.
:type '(repeat function)
:group 'ccls)
(defcustom ccls-project-roots
"A list of project roots that will be matched against the source filename first
to get the project root.
This is used by `ccls-project-roots-matcher', useful when your project has
subprojects. Otherwise `projectile' and `project' may think the file resides
in a subproject and thus does not belong to the current workspace.
:type '(repeat directory)
:group 'ccls)
(defcustom ccls-project-root-matchers
'(".ccls-root" projectile-project-root)
"List of matchers that are used to locate the ccls project roots.
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