1. 30 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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    • YunQiang Su's avatar
      Enable FB_SM750 and DRM_AST for Loongson-3 · d31776d2
      YunQiang Su authored
      Some new Loongson servers are using Aspeed BMC, which has an GPU.
      Some other Loongson servers are using SM750 GPU instead of AMD's.
      Since MIPS doesn't have a generic display driver like VESA, we need
      to install sm750fb and (drm_)ast into Loongson's fb-moduels udeb package.
      (cherry picked from commit 6fbe9f4e)
  11. 05 Jan, 2019 1 commit
    • Michal Simek's avatar
      [arm64] Enable drivers for Xilinx ZynqMP · dfc91d42
      Michal Simek authored
      Enable ZynqMP architecture and sata(ceva), ethernet(macb),
      uart(ps_uart), pcie(xilinx_nwl) and gpio drivers.
      (cherry picked from commit 4bdb05f6)
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  14. 01 Jan, 2019 3 commits
    • Ben Hutchings's avatar
      Add pkg.linux.nokernel build profile that excludes kernel image/header packages · 80c2596a
      Ben Hutchings authored
      This should mostly be useful for testing changes that only affect
      the userland packages.
    • Ben Hutchings's avatar
      Use dh_listpackages to determine which packages to build · fdd6dadb
      Ben Hutchings authored
      The packages we should build are restricted by:
      * Package configuration in debian/config (limits which binary packages are
        included in debian/control)
      * Architecture (specified per package in debian/templates/control.* and
        then in debian/control)
      * Build profile (specified per package in debian/templates/control.* and
        then in debian/control)
      The logic for these restrictions is currently repeated in
      debian/rules.real, but sometimes it becomes inconsistent with
      debian/control (as with my recent changes for libbpf).
      dh_listpackages reads debian/control and filters it by the current
      host architecture and build profiles, so that it reliably reports
      which packages we should build.
      * Replace the logic in debian/rules.real with checks for package names
        in the output of dh_listpackages
      * Remove the redundant flag variables passed by debian/rules and
      * Remove the special-casing of stage1 in debian/rules and
    • Ben Hutchings's avatar
      [ia64,m68k] libbpf: Really don't build on architectures without perf events · 46fcfa88
      Ben Hutchings authored
      The architecture filtering needs to be done in debian/rules.real as well.
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