1. 11 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      udeb: Add scsi-nic-modules containing Chelsio and Qlogic iSCSI/FC drivers · 07c51069
      Ben Hutchings authored
      These drivers depend on the corresponding net drivers, or at least
      common modules built under drivers/net/ethernet, currently leading
      to duplicate modules.
      I don't want to resolve this by adding a dependency between
      nic-modules and scsi-modules, as that would pull in both into
      installer images that previously only needed one set of drivers.  I
      also don't want to add the common modules into kernel-image as that
      would bloat all installer images.  Instead, put the drivers in a new
      package and we can work out which installer images should include it
      Build scsi-nic-modules for all architectures/flavours that build
      scsi-modules using the common module list now.