Unverified Commit ceb88584 authored by Miroslav Kravec's avatar Miroslav Kravec Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #66 from kravemir/LCA21C0

LaCie 321 (LCA21C0) support
parents 7f50c994 a36495fc
......@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@
* db/monitor/GSM445D.xml, db/monitor/GSM445E.xml:
Add support for LG Flatron L1760TR, thanks to Maxim Levitsky
* db/monitor/LCA21C0.xml:
Add support for LaCie 321, thanks to Mourad De Clerck
2017-12-17 Miroslav Kravec <kravec.miroslav@gmail.com>
* db/monitor/DELA02A.xml, db/monitor/DELA02B.xml, db/monitor/DELA02C.xml:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<monitor name="LaCie 321" init="standard">
<!-- Control 0x0b: +/100/100 [???] -->
<!-- Control 0x0e: +/65454/494 [???] -->
<control id="colorpreset" address="0x14">
<value id="9300k" value="8"/>
<value id="8200k" value="7"/>
<value id="7500k" value="6"/>
<value id="6500k" value="1"/>
<value id="5000k" value="4"/>
<value id="native" value="2"/>
<value id="user" value="11"/>
<control id="language" type="list" address="0x68">
<value id="english" value="1"/>
<value id="german" value="2"/>
<value id="french" value="3"/>
<value id="spanish" value="4"/>
<value id="italian" value="6"/>
<value id="swedish" value="7"/>
<value id="japanese" value="5"/>
<control id="sharpness" address="0x8c"/>
<!-- Control 0xa8: +/4/4 [Sync type, RO] -->
<!-- Control 0xb1: +/0/1 [???] Not in CAPS -->
<!-- Control 0xb4: +/1/2 [RGB Ordering, RO] -->
<!-- Control 0xb6: +/3/5 [Monitor Type, RO] -->
<control id="osd" type="list" address="0xe3">
<value id="enable" value="0"/>
<value id="partenable" value="1"/>
<control id="resolutionnotifier" address="0xf6">
<value id="on" value="1"/>
<value id="off" value="0"/>
<!-- Control 0xfa: +/65545/65535 [Total Power Time in 30 min, RO] -->
<control id="osd2" type="list" address="0xfb">
<value id="enable" value="1"/>
<value id="disable" value="0"/>
<!-- Control 0xff: +/40474/65535 [Power On Time in 30 min, RO] -->
<include file="VESA"/>
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