Unverified Commit db590e2e authored by Miroslav Kravec's avatar Miroslav Kravec Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #50 from kravemir/build-fix

Fixed TravisCI build

TravisCI build randomly crashed, because generated 'options.xml' was randomly regenerated from 'options.xml.in', and randomly wasn't regenerated (probably a timestamp issue).
parents f706f34e 04e61839
......@@ -34,3 +34,6 @@ Makefile.in
# generated files
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ version=@VERSION@
nobase_dist_data_DATA = *.xml monitor/*.xml
nobase_dist_data_DATA = options.xml monitor/*.xml
EXTRA_DIST = options.xml.in options.xml.h
options.xml: options.xml.in
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -10,12 +10,14 @@
<value id="internet" name="Internet"/>
<value id="game" name="Game"/>
<value id="sport" name="Sport"/>
<value id="sports" name="Sports"/>
<value id="entertain" name="Entertain"/>
<value id="custom" name="Custom"/>
<value id="dynamic" name="Dynamic Contrast" />
<value id="multimedia" name="Multimedia"/>
<value id="movie" name="Movie"/>
<value id="standard" name="Standard"/>
<value id="nature" name="Nature"/>
<control id="dvmode" type="list" name="DV Mode" address="0xf9">
<value id="standard" name="Standard"/>
......@@ -311,16 +313,23 @@
<value id="portrait" name="Portrait"/>
<control id="language" type="list" name="Language select" address="0x68">
<value id="english" name="English"/>
<value id="french" name="French"/>
<value id="german" name="German"/>
<value id="italian" name="Italian"/>
<value id="russian" name="Russian"/>
<value id="spanish" name="Spanish"/>
<value id="swedish" name="Swedish"/>
<value id="chinese" name="Chinese"/>
<value id="dutch" name="Dutch"/>
<value id="japanese" name="Japanese"/>
<value id="english" name="English"/>
<value id="french" name="Français (French)"/>
<value id="german" name="Deutsch (German)"/>
<value id="italian" name="Italiano (Italian)"/>
<value id="spanish" name="Castellano (Spanish)"/>
<value id="russian" name="Русский (Russian)"/>
<value id="swedish" name="Svenska (Swedish)"/>
<value id="chinese_tw" name="繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)"/>
<value id="chinese" name="简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)"/>
<value id="dutch" name="Nederlands (Dutch)"/>
<value id="japanese" name="日本語 (Japanese)"/>
<value id="polish" name="Polski (Polish)"/>
<value id="czech" name="Český (Czech)"/>
<value id="hungarian" name="Magyar (Hungarian)"/>
<value id="romanian" name="Română (Romanian)"/>
<value id="portuguese" name="Português (Portuguese)"/>
<value id="serbocroatian" name="SiGC/BiH/CRO (Serbo-Croatian)"/>
<subgroup name="Input settings">
......@@ -376,7 +385,11 @@
it seems) -->
<control id="powerled" type="list" name="Power LED" address="0xfd">
<value id="off" name="Off"/>
<value id="on" name="On"/>
<value id="on" name="On"/>
<value id="1" name="1"/>
<value id="2" name="2"/>
<value id="3" name="3"/>
<value id="4" name="4"/>
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