Commit e166f50b authored by Miroslav Kravec's avatar Miroslav Kravec

Released new version e166f50b (updated changelog, and

parent 210151de
2017-12-17 Miroslav Kravec <>
* db/monitor/DELA02A.xml, db/monitor/DELA02B.xml, db/monitor/DELA02C.xml:
Add support for Dell 2408WFP (DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI), thanks to Simon
* db/monitor/DELA0BE.xml, db/ Add support for Dell P2415Q,
thanks to Stefan Breunig
2017-07-13 20:16 Thanks to many authors
* db/monitor/ACI19E5.xml: Add support for Asus VH196T
AC_INIT([DDC/CI control tool database], [20170716],
AC_INIT([DDC/CI control tool database], [20171217],
[DDCControl users list <>],
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