Commit 79d16ad1 authored by Bernhard Schmidt's avatar Bernhard Schmidt

Treat testsuite errors as non-fatal on some architectures

The testsuite doesn't work reliably and fails on several architectures,
including ppc64el, ia64, powerpc and ppc64. The testsuite is badly
supported upstream, treat errors on architectures other than a few
main ones as non-fatal
parent d6a536ca
......@@ -66,3 +66,11 @@ override_dh_installinit:
dh_installinit -pntp --error-handler=installinit_error --no-restart-after-upgrade
dh_installinit -pntpdate --no-restart-after-upgrade
dh_apparmor --profile-name=usr.sbin.ntpd -pntp
# Make the test suite fatal on arches where it works
ifneq (,$(filter amd64 i386 arm64 armhf mips64el, $(DEB_HOST_ARCH)))
dh_auto_test || echo "Ignoring testsuite error"
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