Commit 4757e5bc authored by Antonio Terceiro's avatar Antonio Terceiro

budget: add expected sponsors

For this I used as basis the number of sponsors for DC18. For the higher
tiers, I took into account companies that usually sponsor, and the lower
ones, the amount of sponsors we had last year.
parent 32d0c5c7
......@@ -55,3 +55,17 @@ include
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------
; assuming approximately an average betwen DC17 and DC18:
incomes:registration -20,000.00 USD
2019-02-07 Expected sponsors
; For income/deficit
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------
; unconfirmed, but expected sponsorships
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------
; 1 more platinum sponsor
incomes:sponsors:platinum -20,000.00 USD
; 1 more gold sponsor
incomes:sponsors:gold -10,000.00 USD
; 11 more silver sponsors (DC18 had 14, DC19 already has 3)
incomes:sponsors:silver -55,000.00 USD
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