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This is a way to share our personal media (photos (including raw images), videos,
etc) and other files (talk slides, documents, GPS tracks, etc) related to
DebConf with other attendees and the public, and ensure that it's all
preserved in one place.

Please limit uploads to content that is legal, respectful of others,
and that it's appropriate to share with the world.

We do not have infinite amounts of disk space, so use common sense before uploading huge files.

## web

All files in the repository can be accessed via the web:

## setup

All DDs can directly push to this repository.
Others can either open a merge request or ask any DD for commit rights.

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The repository is using git lfs (git large file system).
This makes handling of big files more efficient, but requires some additional precaution,
when adding files to the repository.

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1. you need the package git-lfs
1. on Debian systems from buster on `# apt install git-lfs`
1. for stretch install from backports, see documentation on

You probably do not want to `git clone` the repo, as git-lfs will download *everything*
inside it. To do a shallow clone:

1. `$ GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE=1 git clone --config filter.lfs.smudge=true`
1. `$ cd debconf19`
1. lfs files now just are stored as references. To actually fetch a file, do `git lfs fetch -I <filename>`
1. Use it mostly as if it was a normal git repository, but for adding files see below
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## adding files

In principle add files like you normally would in git,
but make sure that the files you add actually end up in lfs
using git lfs ls-files after committing (or staging).

    $ git add slides/testfile.svg
    $ git commit -m"commit message"
    $ git lfs ls-files
    f2ca1bb6c7 * slides/testfile.svg

If it's not there, check if the file pattern is tracked by lfs:
`$ git lfs track`

If it's not there, either, if it makes sense, rename the file to match one pattern
or see git-lfs documentation (eg <>)
on how to add your extension.
When doing so, don't forget to either commit/push .gitattributes or to include it in your merge request.

## license

License for all files uploaded: cc-by-sa 4.0 unless explicitly stated otherwise.
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