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 <title>the conf</title>
 <description>well after some unconfortable sleeping at planes and airport, i made it. The hotel is great, people real cool, food is great and everything is running good.&lt;br /&gt;
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I've gave my talk yesterday, I think it was ok, despite the fact that I made the slides in english (what i was thinking about? heh) but I gave it in portunhol most of the time, actually some people sugested to put that on a document, so eventually it'll become a mini-howto, good!&lt;br /&gt;
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Yesterday We had the official welcome and Jeff talk, that I couldn't attend :( (slides are on our web btw), and in the night we had a local drink party, that was fun gunnar bought tequila and I bought pisco people enyoyed both, great!&lt;br /&gt;
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Today we have more talks and lot of fun waiting for. I'll finish torcs and take care of my packages and other stuff.</description>
<pubDate>Thu, 27 May 2004 13:32:59 +0000</pubDate></item>