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 <title>michelle's blog</title>
 <title>Work at SESC, friends and food</title>
 <description>Today, I started to work at SESC and... Uau! So many things and questions to do and others many questions to answer. Also, a lot of names that now have a real face and others new friends that already come with faces. &lt;br /&gt;
&lt;br /&gt;
The packaging of all the bags, books, t-shirts, pens, stickers and papers was a party with good talking and music. &lt;br /&gt;
&lt;br /&gt;
Andreas is cute, the place is amazing and the food isn't great (IMHO). :)</description>
<pubDate>Tue, 25 May 2004 04:22:32 +0000</pubDate></item>