Commit cde6d845 authored by Wouter Verhelst's avatar Wouter Verhelst

Add an sreview-master job

For the master host that runs the on-site sreview stuff
parent b9fb0870
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- name: install the necessary packages
name: "{{ item }}"
- sreview-master
- sreview-detect
- postgresql-client
- name: ensure sreview-dispatch runs
systemd: sreview-dispatch
enabled: true
state: started
- name: ensure sreview-detect runs
systemd: sreview-detect
enabled: true
state: started
- name: create pubdir
name: /srv/{{nfs_server}}/sreview/web/public
state: directory
owner: sreview
group: sreview
mode: 0755
......@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@
- gridengine-config
- gridengine-exec
- sreview
- sreview-master
- hosts: streaming-backends
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