Commit dfefc61d authored by Colin Tuckley's avatar Colin Tuckley Committed by Christoph Berg

Import Debian changes 1.2.3-1

tlf (1.2.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Bump Standards Version to 3.9.7.
  * Bump debian/compat to 9.
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2016-01-02 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/fldigixmlrpc.c: Fixed hamlib-related variable compile error
2016-01-02 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/fldigixmlrpc.c: fix unreachable code sequences
* src/fldigixmlrpc.c, src/gettxinfo.c: fix compile errors with
2015-12-31 Thomas Beierlein <>
* Use mailing list address in AC_INIT macro ... as suggested
by Nate N0NB
2015-12-30 Nate Bargmann <>
* Set temporary CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LIBS variables To assist
AC_CHECK_LIB and AC_CHECK_HEADERS temporarily set the user variables to the
paths found by pkg-config.
2015-12-29 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addmult.c: Correct logic for WYSIWYG multis coming in via LAN
2015-12-20 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addmult.c: keep the list of possible multis sorted
* src/addmult.c: better tests for possible mults for ARRL_SS and
DX_&_SECTIONS Old logic failed if some multi was part of a multi coming
later in the multi list (e.g. NE and ONE). Then tlf picked up the first one
and mised the other one. New logic scans all possible multis and keeps the
longest one which matches. Added some syntactic sugar - ALL_BAND or PER_BAND
to make clear if a multi counts per band or only once per contest.
2015-12-19 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addmult.c, src/addmult.h, src/main.c: cleanup logic
init_and_load_multipliers is now responsible for (freeing and new) allocation
of the mults_possible array. It now handles empty multplier filenames
gracefully by giving back an empty mults_possible array. The former check for
naming the file is now the responsibility of the calling function (if
2015-12-14 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addmult.c: Tests for empty strings are already handled in
remember_multi(). Furthermore for-loops tests themself if endcondition is
already fullfilled when entered. So we can drop some needless tests.
2015-12-19 Nate Bargmann <>
* macros/ax_with_curses.m4, src/tlf_curses.h, src/tlf_panel.h: Revert local
changes to macros/ax_with_curses.m4 Tom, DL1JBE, reported that on some
systems with ncursesw installed, the modification made to
macros/ax_with_curses.m4 caused a compilation failure. The patch reverts
those changes and returns the macro file to its original format of serial 15.
Also updated src/tlf_curses.h and src/tlf_panel.h to extend the header macro
tests to the ncursesw headers.
*, src/ Set LIBM_LIB to preserve the LIBS variable
Autoconf documentation states the LIBS is a precious variable reserved for
the user. Add macros to define HAVE_LIBM in config.h and LIBM_LIB in
src/Makefile. Add LIBM_LIB to tlf_LDADD in src/
*, src/, src/addmult.c, src/readctydata.c,
src/rules.c, src/searchlog.c, src/show_help.c, src/writecabrillo.c:
PACKAGE_DATA_DIR in src/ Automake provides the predefined
'pkgdatadir' Makefile variable which is the same path as the previously
caclulated PACKAGE_DATA_DIR value in Use it to set
PACKAGE_DATA_DIR as a -D value to the preprocessor via AM_CPPFLAGS in
src/ which is passed to the source files during preprocessing.
This conforms with current Autotools convention. As PACKAGE_DATA_DIR is
longer defined in config.h, remove its include directive from those files
that were only including it for the PACKAGE_DATA_DIR definition.
2015-12-18 Nate Bargmann <>
*, macros/ax_append_flag.m4, macros/ax_cflags_warn_all.m4,
macros/ax_require_defined.m4, src/ Use AX_CFLAGS_WARN_ALL to
determine compiler warnings As CFLAGS is a a precious user variable, use the
AX_CFLAGS_WARN_ALL macro and have it assign the warning flag(s) to AM_CFLAGS
which is then substituted into the Makefile. This macro determines the best
warning for various compilers. This macro depends on the AX_APPEND_FLAG and
AX_REQUIRE_DEFINED macros (in separate files).
*, src/ Update Fldigi XML RPC stanza in
The Autoconf documentation states that LIBS and CFLAGS are reserved for the
user. Refactor the Fldigi XML RPC stanza to avoid assigment to those
precious variables. Instead assign new LIBXMLRPC_LIB, LIBXMLRPC_CLIENT_LIB,
and LIBXMLRPC_UTIL_LIB to tlf_LDDADD in src/ Define the
config.h Also use standard Autoconf macros instead of raw shell if
conditional and complete quoting per current Autoconf convention.
*, src/ Update Hamlib stanza in The
Autoconf documentation states that LIBS and CFLAGS are reserved for the user.
Refactor the Hamlib stanza to avoid assigment to those precious variables.
Instead assign the HAMLIB_CFLAGS and HAMLIB_LIBS generated by the pkg-config
macro to AM_CFLAGS and tlf_LDDADD in src/ respectively. Also use
standard Autoconf macros instead of raw shell if conditional and complete
quoting per current Autoconf standards.
* acinclude.m4,, macros/ax_pthread.m4, src/ Update
to AX_PTHREAD macro The newer ax_pthread.m4 macro file from the Autoconf
archive provides updated searches for determining the correct pthread
compilation flags and linking libraries. This version also adds support for
clang which is becoming more important as a supported compiler. As the
ACX_PTHREAD macro is now outdated, remove acinclude.m4 from the repository.
*, src/ Use glib macro to detect glib The glib
package includes its own M4 macro that uses pkg-config and also compiles
against the library to ensure it is available and suitable for use. Also
check that pkg-config is really available and exit configure with an error if
it is not.
2015-12-16 Nate Bargmann <>
* macros/ax_with_curses_extra.m4: Fix bug in ax_with_curses_extra.m4 Found a
bug where the AX_WITH_CURSES_PANEL macro would incorrectly reset the
ax_cv_panel variable to 'no' when checking for the panel.h header a second
time even though it had found it as ncurses/panel.h on the previous call.
Confirmed working by David, CT1DRB.
2015-12-15 Nate Bargmann <>
Load ncurses.h via tlf_curses.h Regarding Tlf Issue #51, this patch provides
consistency in the form of having the build system determine which ncurses
header file is available. The build system will set relevant macros in
config.h and boilerplate in tlf_curses.h will select the proper include path
based on the tests. This patch confines the boiler plate to one file
resulting in minimal editing of the other source files.
this patch resolves the problem of distributions putting panel.h in
/usr/include/ncurses rather than in /usr/include. Thanks to David, CT1DRB,
for reporting this issue with OpenSuSE LEAP 42.1. The build system will set
relevant macros in config.h and boilerplate in tlf_panel.h will select
the proper include path based on the tests. This patch confines the
boiler plate to one file resulting in minimal editing of the other
source files.
*, macros/ax_with_curses.m4, macros/ax_with_curses_extra.m4,
src/ Switch Autoconf Archive macros for Curses search Use the
AX_WITH_CURSES and AX_WITH_CURSES_PANEL macros to determine the library and
header files location for curses. For now the AX_WITH_CURSES macro is edited
to only look for ncurses or curses and not ncursesw. Also the configure
options have been commented out as ncurses is required. Macros are set in
config.h to allow testing for the proper header file location to include.
2015-12-14 Nate Bargmann <>
* Adjust tests in Reposition several tests to be
run before the tests for third party packages. Temporarily comment out the
documentation states they are obsolescent. Temporarily comment out the
AC_HEADER_STDBOOL macro as no source file loads stdbool.h at this time.
Remove some header files from AC_CHECK_HEADERS as they are already checked by
the AC_HEADER_STDC macro.
* .gitignore,, Remove generated file
Have Autoconf check for src/tlf.h to assure the build system is working in
the correct project directory. As the AC_CONFIG_HEADERS macro will generate upon build system bootstrap, there is no need to carry this file
in the repository. Have git ignore generated
2015-12-08 Nate Bargmann <>
* .gitignore: Have Git ignore backup files ( *~ ).
2015-12-12 Ervin Hegedus <>
* doc/README.RTTY, src/fldigixmlrpc.c, src/gettxinfo.c, src/globalvars.h,
src/main.c: Added new feature: calculate the QRG in different modulations, as
2015-12-11 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/readcalls.c: Fix bug in using multarray_nr for 'SERIAL&SECTION' keyword
Back in tlf 0.9.10 there was some inconsistent handling of the index for
adding new multis to mults[] array. Sometimes they were counted from 0
sometimes from 1 (depending on the contest). That was fixed some time ago
but there was a remnant in 'readcalls()' function left. That got dropped now.
* src/addmult.c: Fix bug in multcounting for ARRL-SS 'multarray_nr' is the
number of multis in 'mults[]' array. So to add a new mult first copy it into
the array and later increment the number of the multis.
2015-12-09 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/main.c, src/ui_utils.c, src/ui_utils.h: Move refreshp() to ui_utils.c
2015-12-03 Nate Bargmann <>
* src/addmult.c: Test for existence of MULT_LIST in install directory Code
only checked for MULT_LIST value in the working directory. Now also check
for the file in the installation directory. e.g. /usr/local/share/tlf
2015-12-05 Nate Bargmann <>
* Fix typos in
2015-11-30 Nate Bargmann <>
* share/logcfg.dat, src/editlog.c, src/parse_logcfg.c: Prefer 'mcedit' for
logcfg.dat Also make sure that old values of 'mc' and 'MC' are recognized.
Enable 'mcedit' as a log file editor.
* rules/, rules/arrl160m_usa: Add ARRL 160m USA rules file Ensure
the new file is distributed and installed.
2015-11-29 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addcall.c: simplify switch logic in addcall() and addcall2() Replace
hard coded bandmask and bandindex values by switch variable and finally merge
the different switch branches which are now identical together.
2015-11-19 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addcall.c, src/globalvars.h, src/main.c, src/paccdx.c, src/readcalls.c,
src/showscore.c: extend countryscore[] to full number of bands see
* src/addcall.c, src/globalvars.h, src/main.c, src/readcalls.c,
extend zonescore[] and countryscore[] array to full number of bands Until now
there was a distinction between counting things for all bands (WARC and non
WARC) and counting zones and countries for contest bands only. The handling
can be simplified if we unify the handling and count zones and countries for
ALL bands. We can then ignore the non WARC entries for contest scoring.
Furthermore it is more easy to add additionla bands later.
2015-11-28 Nate Bargmann <>
* Move includes from headers as much as possible. Only include
other header files in header files if absolutely necessary. Source files
declare all needed includes. This results in five local headers that still
include other headers
src/globalvars.h:2:# include "tlf.h"
src/globalvars.h:5:#include <glib.h>
src/nicebox.h:24:#include <curses.h>
src/qtcvars.h:21:#include "globalvars.h"
src/searchlog.h:24:#include <glib.h>
src/sendqrg.h:25:# include <config.h>
src/sendqrg.h:29:# include <hamlib/rig.h>
This minimizes, but doesn't entirely eliminate depedency chains when
including certain header files. All local header files should have include
guards so multiple include directives should not cause an error.
2015-11-23 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addcall.c: Drop redundant test for 'pfxnummultinr>0' 'pfcnumcntidx >
-1' can only be true if 'pfxnummultinr > 0'.
2015-11-22 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addcall.c: Fix lookup in pfxnummulti table If getctydata() did not
find the country (returns 0) then pfxnumcntidx got set to a wrong number.
2015-11-18 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/bandmap.c: fix calculation of remaining time during bandmap read
Lastly spot->timeout got changed to unsigned. We must take care that we do
not get a wrap ariund if the diff between writing und reading the bandmap
data ist to big.
* src/bandmap.c, src/bandmap.h, src/time_update.c: Fix saving of bandmap data
Bandmap data are saved every 10s. It works now even if the bandmap is not
shown and even if auto CQ is working.
* src/autocq.c: Fix some small bug in auto_cq mode: - Do a time_update() to
keep displayed time and bandmap actual (tnx HA2OS for reporting)
2015-11-01 Thomas Beierlein <>
* share/, share/ Delete files no longer needed
* share/cty.dat: update cty.dat to VER20151027
2015-10-28 Ervin Hegedus <>
* rules/waedc_dx_rtty, rules/waedc_eu_rtty: Modified rule files for WAE RTTY,
for EU and DX stations
* src/qtcwin.c: Some minor changes to fixup the QTC send method in RTTY
* src/genqtclist.c: Fixed gentclist item length bug: if QTC set up as BOTH,
then the SEND length wasn't calculated correctly
* src/qtcwin.c: Fixed empty record command issue: if qtcrec_command was
empty, Tlf drops an error
2015-10-31 Thomas Beierlein <>
* datastructures: update description of datastructures
* src/background_process.c, src/main.c, src/searchlog.c, src/searchlog.h:
switch callmaster database to growing arrays
* src/searchlog.c: Allow comment lines in callmaster data base
2015-10-30 Thomas Beierlein <>
* share/callmaster: update callmaster file
* doc/FAQ: extend the FAQ
2015-10-25 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/clusterinfo.c: drop unused code, initialize spot array
2015-10-27 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/callinput.c: Fixed immediated auto_cq bug: if Tlf sends CQ in auto
mode, and op press the first letter of callsign, that will be lost
2015-10-25 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/checklogfile.c, src/checkqtclogfile.c: Fix some NULL pointer warnings
* doc/FAQ: Add information about refreshing callmaster database and CTY.DAT
to FAQ
2015-10-22 Thomas Beierlein <>
* README: drop reference to not longer accessible wikispaces pages
2015-10-13 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/bandmap.c: Cleanup bmdata_read_file - fix memory leak - close file
pointer - restructre parsing loop - simplify
* src/writecabrillo.c: Close opened file pointers in case of error
2015-10-11 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/bandmap.c: Added new feature: save bandmap state when bandmap state
changed, and 10 secs elapsed till last write; this file will read by Tlf when
starts again
2015-10-06 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/bandmap.c: Do not show QRG in bandmap when no active rig control in use
Show bandmap around center frequency for actual selectzed band and mode.
2015-09-22 Ervin Hegedus <>
* rules/waedc_dx, rules/waedc_dx_rtty, rules/waedc_eu, rules/waedc_eu_rtty,
share/, src/writecabrillo.c: Full 'QTC' line support in cabrillo
2015-09-13 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/qtcwin.c: Fixed fill QTC time bug: after the last fill, the minutes
remained in all lines
2015-09-22 Thomas Beierlein <>
* ChangeLog, NEWS: Add missing NEWS and ChangeLog entries for tlf-1.2.2_pre1
2015-09-16 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/bandmap.c, src/bandmap.h, src/parse_logcfg.c, src/time_update.c:
Improve bandmap display code
- display actual QRG on bandmap
- center bandmap around QRG
- update bandmap every second
- do not show WARC spots in contest mode
2015-09-13 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/qtcwin.c: Fixed fill QTC time bug: after the last fill, the minutes
remained in all lines
2015-08-30 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/bandmap.c: New feature: better handling of bandmap for WAE stations -
show station as workable on bandmap as long as it has any QTC capable flags
2015-09-01 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/qtcwin.c: New feature: Ctrl-R to start and stop QTC recording - show
recording state (on/off)
2015-08-31 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/main.c, src/parse_logcfg.c, src/qtcvars.h, src/qtcwin.c, New
feature: QTC_AUTO_FILLTIME - CTRL-F shortkey to fill the first two letters
of QTC time
2015-08-27 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/background_process.c, src/lancode.c, src/lancode.h, src/qtcutil.c,
src/qtcutil.h, src/qtcvars.h, src/qtcwin.c, src/readqtccalls.c: New feature:
new QTC capable flags: - 'L': 'later', 'N': 'NO' for callsigns, - indicates
them in bandmap and worked window - send QTC flags through LAN to another
* src/bandmap.c, src/main.c, src/parse_logcfg.c, src/qtcutil.c,
src/qtcutil.h, src/qtcvars.h, src/readqtccalls.c, src/searchlog.c,
New feature: initial QTC capable callsigns list, and indicates them in
bandmap and worked window
2015-09-05 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/background_process.c, src/lancode.c, src/lancode.h, src/qtcutil.c,
src/qtcutil.h, src/qtcwin.c, src/readqtccalls.c: New feature: QTC flags
sending through LAN to another nodes, when user mark a callsign.
2015-08-05 Ervin Hegedus <>
* src/qtcwin.c: Added new feature: move to next field in callsign/serial/qtc
nr fields with SPACE or ENTER
* src/qtcwin.c rules/waedc_eu:
Fix some minor problems as result to last WAEDC SSB
2015-08-14 Thomas Beierlein <>
* Fix handling of ITUMULT and WAZMULT keyword
CQ and ITU zones gets scored in the same 'zones[]' array. The commit
fixes the following problems:
- zones[] array was to small (only for 40 CQ zones)
- display of worked zones did not work
- rescoring did not recognize the already worked zones.
2015-08-03 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/splitscreen.c: fix segfault due to possible buffer overrun
2015-04-05 Thomas Beierlein <>
* rules/, rules/aadx_as, rules/aadx_dx: Add All Asian DX contest
2015-07-10 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addcall.c, src/makelogline.c: Fix PFX_MULT_MULTIBAND logic *
PFX_MULT_MULTIBAND counts prefix as multi, when country/continent is excluded
2015-07-09 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/initial_exchange.c: Fix potential memory leak
2015-04-30 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/showscore.c: clean up of display code for PFX_MULT_MULTIBAND
2015-04-06 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addpfx.c, src/addpfx.h, src/globalvars.h, src/readcalls.c,
src/showscore.c: cleanup PFX_MULT_MULTIBAND logic
* src/addcall.c, src/addcall.h, src/main.c, src/parse_logcfg.c,
src/readcalls.c, Add EXCLUDE_MULTILIST keyword
2015-07-07 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addcall.c, src/globalvars.h, src/main.c, src/makelogline.c,
src/parse_logcfg.c, src/readcalls.c, src/searchlog.c, src/tlf.h,
Add PFX_NUM_MULTI keyword
2015-06-20 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/callinput.c, src/changepars.c, src/main.c, src/printcall.c,
autosend now supports manual start feature (see issue #12). * Set :char to
'm' for manual mode. Enter key starts sending cw but you can type additional
characters to the call sign. As soon as tlf sent all characters it sneds the
* src/log_to_disk.c, src/main.c, src/prevqso.c, src/prevqso.h: resending of
last qsonr honors also last report
* src/sendbuf.c, src/sendbuf.h: factor out conversion to short cw numbers
* src/sendbuf.c, src/setcontest.c: drop contradictionary setting of
shortqsonr for ARLL_SS
2015-05-31 dh5fs <>
* src/prevqso.c: update "repeat number" string its better to send "5NN" as
prefix before repeating the number then NR, some people react better to that
under low S/N conds
2015-04-05 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/addcall.c, src/addpfx.c, src/globalvars.h, src/main.c,
src/makelogline.c, src/parse_logcfg.c, src/readcalls.c, src/showscore.c, add multi scoring for prefixes per band - new keyword
PFX_MULT_MULTIBAND - adapted counting and display
2014-07-02 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/main.c, src/parse_logcfg.c, src/readcalls.c, src/readcalls.h,
src/score.c, add more keywords for CONTINENT handling -
CONTINENTLIST continents to score points for - CONTINENT_LIST_POINTS points
for the continent from CONTINENTLIST - USE_CONTINENTLIST_ONLY Zero points for
other continents
2014-06-21 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/main.c, src/parse_logcfg.c, src/score.c, src/showscore.c, add
BANDWEIGHT_MULTIS and BANDWEIGHT_POINTS keywords - allow to give a weight
for the multis on different bands e.g. BANDWEIGHT_MULTIS=160:4,80:3,20:2 -
Multis for Bands not in list are multiplied by 1 - allows to give a weight
for the points on different bands - Points for Bands not in list are
multiplied by 1
2015-03-01 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/score.c: refactored for better test and maintenance The goal was to
get a better understanding or the point scoring logic and to allow easy
extensions in future. - Split score() into contest specific rules and
universal point scoring logic - factored out some common functions - added
some comments and made structure more clear
2015-02-27 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/main.c, src/parse_logcfg.c, src/score.c: cleanup and fix COUNTRYLIST=
- Fix initialisiation of countrynr
2015-02-22 Nate Bargmann <>
*, Update manual page to current conventions The man
pages project provides guidelines for writing manual pages. This rewrite
attempts to bring the Tlf man page up to those standards. It is likely that
several errors and omissions still exist.
2015-02-16 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/, src/onechar.c, src/onechar.h, src/ui_utils.c: Move
onechar() routine and make it static We hide the onechar() routine to force
the use of the new key_get() and key_poll() routines. That is a first step
to switch to a different handling of key input. The next step will be a
switch to curses keypad mode where curses decodes the ESC sequences itself.
That will allow for: - handling more terminal types - resizing the program
window - accepting mouse input
2015-02-13 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/audio.c, src/bandmap.c, src/calledit.c, src/callinput.c,
src/changefreq.c, src/changepars.c, src/checklogfile.c, src/deleteqso.c,
src/edit_last.c, src/focm.c, src/getexchange.c, src/keyer.c,
src/listmessages.c, src/main.c, src/messagechange.c, src/muf.c,
src/setparameters.c, src/show_help.c, src/showpxmap.c: unify key input
handling - move usage of 'getchar()' to 'key_get()' getchar() bypassed the
curses key input routines. So we drop them and use key_get() instead to ask
for the next key from the user. - curses getch() does not handle multi
character escape sequences (e.g. function keys) well. So we switch to using
the new key_get() function which will give us only one key code per key
press. - switch to key_get in all remaining cases where onechar() was used.
* src/audio.c, src/autocq.c, src/callinput.c, src/getexchange.c: use new
key_poll() function Change all places where we only poll for keypresses
without waiting to use the new key_poll() function.
* src/ui_utils.c, src/ui_utils.h: add utility functions for non/blocking user
2015-02-02 Thomas Beierlein <>
* src/audio.c, src/autocq.c, src/callinput.c, src/changepars.c,
src/cleanup.c, src/clear_display.c, src/clusterinfo.c, src/freq_display.c,
src/log_to_disk.c, src/logit.c, src/muf.c, src/nicebox.c, src/printcall.c,
src/rtty.c, src/searchlog.c, src/showinfo.c, src/showpxmap.c,
src/splitscreen.c, src/time_update.c, src/writecabrillo.c: Use
modify_config() instead checking 'use_rxvt'
* src/, src/ui_utils.c, src/ui_utils.h: Add files to provide User
Interface utilities - Linux terminal requires A_BOLD to be set for most
attributes. Instead of adding the check for use_rxvt to each attribute
settings we provide modify_attr() function to do it instead.
2015-02-03 Thomas Beierlein <>
* many files...
fixup #include files -
add include guards - drop includes already included by tlf.h - sort out
otherwise inherited includes and make them explicit