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Imported Upstream version 0.01-2

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Wordlist released by IndLinux - Telugu chapter spellchecker project under GPL
# Generated with Aspell Dicts "proc" script version 0.60.3
lang = te
version = 0.01-2
cwl_files = te.cwl
data_files = te.dat u-telu.cset u-telu.cmap
doc_files = README COPYING Copyright
extra_files = configure info Makefile.pre
multi_files = te.multi telugu.alias
rws_files = te.rws
all: ${rws_files} ${data_files}
install: all
mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}${dictdir}/
cp ${rws_files} ${multi_files} ${DESTDIR}${dictdir}/
cd ${DESTDIR}${dictdir}/ && chmod 644 ${rws_files} ${multi_files}
mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}${datadir}/
cp ${data_files} ${DESTDIR}${datadir}/
cd ${DESTDIR}${datadir}/ && chmod 644 ${data_files}
rm -f ${rws_files}
distclean: clean
rm -f Makefile
maintainer-clean: distclean
rm -f ${multi_files} configure Makefile.pre
-cd ${DESTDIR}${dictdir}/ && rm ${rws_files} ${multi_files} ${link_files}
-cd ${DESTDIR}${datadir}/ && rm ${data_files}
dist: ${cwl_files}
perl proc
@make dist-nogen
-rm -r ${distdir}.tar.bz2 ${distdir}
mkdir ${distdir}
cp -p ${extra_files} ${cwl_files} ${multi_files} ${doc_files} ${data_files} ${distdir}/
-test -e doc && mkdir ${distdir}/doc && chmod 755 ${distdir}/doc && cp -pr doc/* ${distdir}/doc/
-test -e misc && mkdir ${distdir}/misc && chmod 755 ${distdir}/misc && cp -pr misc/* ${distdir}/misc/
tar cf ${distdir}.tar ${distdir}/
bzip2 -9 ${distdir}.tar
rm -r ${distdir}/
tar xfj ${distdir}.tar.bz2
cd ${distdir} && ./configure && make
mv ${distdir}.tar.bz2 ../rel
te.rws: te.cwl
.SUFFIXES: .cwl .rws .wl
${PREZIP} -d < $< | ${ASPELL} ${ASPELL_FLAGS} --lang=te create master ./$@
cat $< | LC_COLLATE=C sort -u | ${PREZIP} -z > $@
${PREZIP} -d < $< > $@
GNU Aspell 0.60 Telugu (తెలుగు) Dictionary Package
Version 0.01-2
Original Word List By:
Khader (ఖాదిర్) <khader69 at rediffmail com>
Copyright Terms: GPL (see the file Copyright for the exact terms)
Wordlist URL:
Source Verson: 1
This is the Telugu dictionary for Aspell. It requires Aspell
version 0.60 or better.
If Aspell is installed and aspell and prezip-bin are all
in the path first do a:
Which should output something like:
Finding Dictionary file location ... /usr/local/lib/aspell
Finding Data file location ... /usr/local/share/aspell
if it did not something likely went wrong.
After that build the package with:
and then install it with
make install
If any of the above mentioned programs are not in your path than the
variables, ASPELL and/or PREZIP need to be set to the
commands (with path) to run the utilities. These variables may be set
in the environment before configure is run or specified at the command
line using the following syntax
./configure --vars VAR1=VAL1 ...
Other useful variables configure recognizes are ASPELL_PARMS, and DESTDIR.
To clean up after the build:
make clean
To uninstall the files:
make uninstall
After the dictionaries are installed you can use the main one (te) by
setting the LANG environmental variable to te or running Aspell
with "--lang=te". You may also chose the dictionary directly
with the "-d" or "--master" option of Aspell. You can chose from any of
the following dictionaries:
te (telugu)
Whereas the names in parentheses are alternate names for the
dictionary preceding the parentheses.
The individual word lists have an extension of ".cwl" and are
compressed to save space. To uncompress a word list use
"preunzip BASE.cwl" which will uncompress it and rename the file
to "BASE.wl". To dump a compressed word list to standard output use
"precat BASE.cwl". To uncompress all word lists in the current
directory use "preunzip *.cwl". For more help on "preunzip" use
"preunzip --help".
If you have any problem with installing or using the word lists please
let the Aspell maintainer, Kevin Atkinson, know at
If you have problems with the actual word lists please contact one of
the Word lists authors as the Aspell maintainer does not maintain the
actual Word Lists.
Any additional documentation that came with the original word list can
be found in the doc/ directory.
# Note: future version will have a syntax something like
# ./configure [OPTIONS]
# Where OPTIONS is any of:
# --help
# --codes CODE1 ...
# --sizes SIZE1 ...
# --jargons JARGON1 ...
# --extras EXTRA1 ...
# --vars VAR1=VAL1 ...
# which is why I warn when --vars is not used before VAR1=VAL1
# Avoid depending upon Character Ranges.
# Taken from autoconf 2.50
# also taken form autoconf
case `echo "testing\c"; echo 1,2,3`,`echo -n testing; echo 1,2,3` in
*c*,-n*) ECHO_N= ECHO_C='
' ECHO_T=' ' ;;
*c*,* ) ECHO_N=-n ECHO_C= ECHO_T= ;;
*) ECHO_N= ECHO_C='\c' ECHO_T= ;;
for option
case $option in
if test $mode != vars; then
echo "Warning: future versions will require --vars before variables are set"
# Taken from autoconf 2.50
envvar=`expr "x$option" : 'x\([^=]*\)='`
optarg=`expr "x$option" : 'x[^=]*=\(.*\)'`
# Reject names that are not valid shell variable names.
expr "x$envvar" : ".*[^_$cr_alnum]" >/dev/null &&
{ echo "$as_me: error: invalid variable name: $envvar" >&2
{ (exit 1); exit 1; }; }
#echo $envvar $optarg
optarg=`echo "$optarg" | sed "s/'/'\\\\\\\\''/g"`
eval "$envvar='$optarg'"
export $envvar
echo "Usage: ./configure [--help | --vars VAR1=VAL1 ...]"
echo " Note: Variables may also be set in the environment brefore running config"
exit 0
echo "Error: unrecognized option $option";
exit 1
#echo $ASPELL
if test x = "x$ASPELL"
then ASPELL=aspell; fi
if test x = "x$PREZIP"
then PREZIP=prezip-bin; fi
#echo $ASPELL
echo $ECHO_N "Finding Dictionary file location ... $ECHO_C"
dictdir=`$ASPELL dump config dict-dir`
echo $dictdir
echo $ECHO_N "Finding Data file location ... $ECHO_C"
datadir=`$ASPELL dump config data-dir`
echo $datadir
echo "ASPELL = `which $ASPELL`" > Makefile
echo "ASPELL_FLAGS = $ASPELL_FLAGS" >> Makefile
echo "PREZIP = `which $PREZIP`" >> Makefile
echo "DESTDIR = $DESTDIR" >> Makefile
echo "dictdir = $dictdir" >> Makefile
echo "datadir = $datadir" >> Makefile
echo >> Makefile
cat Makefile.pre >> Makefile
name_english Telugu
name_native తెలుగు
lang te
data-file u-telu.cset
data-file u-telu.cmap
name Khader
name_native ఖాదిర్
email khader69 at rediffmail com
copyright GPL
version 0.01-2
source-version 1
complete false
accurate false
alias te telugu
name te
add te
0x80..0xFF = U+0C00..U+0C7F
File added
name te
charset u-telu
data-encoding utf-8
soundslike generic
# Generated with Aspell Dicts "proc" script version 0.60.3
add te.rws
# Generated with Aspell Dicts "proc" script version 0.60.3
add te.multi
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This diff is collapsed.
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