Commit ab471131 authored by Carsten Schoenert's avatar Carsten Schoenert

libcoap2-bin: symlink the man pages

The examples for the COAP client, server or rd binary are all the same
and build only once from the source. But it's more comfortable for users
to assume the man page for the binary is named equal. So using symlinks
instead of copying the same source into different named man pages.
parent bd6b4279
# source # target
usr/share/man/man5/coap-client.5.gz usr/share/man/man5/coap-client-gnutls.5.gz
usr/share/man/man5/coap-client.5.gz usr/share/man/man5/coap-client-openssl.5.gz
usr/share/man/man5/coap-rd.5.gz usr/share/man/man5/coap-rd-gnutls.5.gz
usr/share/man/man5/coap-rd.5.gz usr/share/man/man5/coap-rd-openssl.5.gz
usr/share/man/man5/coap-server.5.gz usr/share/man/man5/coap-server-gnutls.5.gz
usr/share/man/man5/coap-server.5.gz usr/share/man/man5/coap-server-openssl.5.gz
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