Commit bd6b4279 authored by Carsten Schoenert's avatar Carsten Schoenert

Lintian: update override for libcoap2

The override for the libcoap2 package needs a modification as we now
also build
parent 2ab4f83c
......@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ libcoap2: possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl
# This waring is correct but useless as we want to package the various possible
# libraries within this package, it's overkill to package every library in their
# own binary package.
libcoap2: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libcoap-2-openssl0 libcoap-2-0
libcoap2: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libcoap-2-gnutls0 libcoap-2-openssl0 libcoap-2-0
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