Commit 148b58d2 authored by Gunnar Wolf's avatar Gunnar Wolf

Move 0xB0A2F1A9B3E6122C (Andrea Veri) to emeritus (RT #6506)

Action: remove
Subject: Andrea Veri
Username: and
Role: DD
Key: 45C75861BE88634A0CD2905CB0A2F1A9B3E6122C
Key-type: 4096
Request-signed-by: and
Message-ID: <>
parent 6f28375b
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ debian-keyring (2016.12.xx) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Add information on the public rsync and Git interfaces to the package
* Move 0xB0A2F1A9B3E6122C (Andrea Veri) to emeritus (RT #6506)
-- Jonathan McDowell <> Mon, 05 Dec 2016 11:17:51 +0000
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