Commit 4e02fcc4 authored by Jonathan McDowell's avatar Jonathan McDowell

Add new DM key 0x453F8D999F113609 (Phil Morrell) (RT #7343)

Action: add
Subject: Phil Morrell
Username: emorrp1
Role: DM
Key: 2C429F5DD6B7F023BD300993453F8D999F113609
Key-type: 4096R
RT-Ticket: 7343
Request-signed-by: jmw
Key-certified-by: 93sam, bootc, jcowgill, xnox
parent 502a8eb7
debian-keyring (2018.07.xx) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Add new DM key 0x453F8D999F113609 (Phil Morrell) (RT #7343)
-- Jonathan McDowell <> Mon, 02 Jul 2018 13:34:48 +0100
debian-keyring (2018.06.24) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Gunnar Wolf ]
......@@ -696,6 +696,7 @@
0x44BB6649F4789B2D Jon Marler <jmarler>
0x44E17740B8611E9C Lars Wirzenius <lars>
0x452441981F06E509 Ben Darnell <bgdarnel>
0x453F8D999F113609 Phil Morrell <emorrp1>
0x45458ADCB1E557A0 Patrick Patterson <ppatters>
0x4565D58245140A6D Samuel Thibault <sthibault>
0x457CE0A0804465C5 Michael Tokarev <mjt>
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