Commit 995166ba authored by Jonathan McDowell's avatar Jonathan McDowell

Add new DD key 0x211A73C69A7B0FC7 (Dariusz Dwornikowski) (RT #6112)

Action: add
Subject: Dariusz Dwornikowski
Username: darek
Role: DD
Key: C795C09263AB4009421A241D211A73C69A7B0FC7
Key-type: 4096R
RT-Ticket: 6112
Request-signed-by: myon
Notes: Move from DM keyring
parent 6f63e9d8
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ debian-keyring (2016.01.xx) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Replace 0x6436436109F34024 with 0x2E31880A62EB5434 (Danai Sae-Han)
(RT #5761)
* Add new DD key 0xBED8449FCEE8DA88 (Otto Kekäläinen) (RT #6119)
* Add new DD key 0x211A73C69A7B0FC7 (Dariusz Dwornikowski) (RT #6112)
-- Gunnar Wolf <> Wed, 27 Jan 2016 11:35:33 -0600
......@@ -328,6 +328,7 @@
0x20CAA0E7EA885677 Free Ekanayaka <freee>
0x20D6688259EF5DBC Bernd Schumacher <bs>
0x210BF2AB9F71D449 Julien Valroff <julien>
0x211A73C69A7B0FC7 Dariusz Dwornikowski <darek>
0x2127371B9BB23062 Luk Claes <luk>
0x212B306C9396865D Davide G.M. Salvetti <salve>
0x21319B944C1A5BE5 Stephen Quinney <sjq>
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