Commit b7532ee7 authored by Jonathan McDowell's avatar Jonathan McDowell

Add new DM key 0x172C769F5BA863CC (Paul Seyfert) (RT #7294)

Action: add
Subject: Paul Seyfert
Username: pseyfert
Role: DM
Key: 7050CF6F070331722A84C3B3172C769F5BA863CC
Key-type: 4096R
RT-Ticket: 7294
Request-signed-by: noodles
Key-certified-by: stapelberg
parent 50b3852e
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ debian-keyring (2018.05.xx) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* 0xFB0E132DDB0AA5B1 Daniel Lenharo de Souza <lenharo> sig:3
* Remove 0xDB2F706FDF11900A (Francois Gurin) (RT #7286)
* Add new DM key 0x4D99F6660A59827B (Raphaël Halimi) (RT #7293)
* Add new DM key 0x172C769F5BA863CC (Paul Seyfert) (RT #7294)
-- Gunnar Wolf <> Wed, 30 May 2018 10:05:20 -0500
......@@ -250,6 +250,7 @@
0x1711E82408683041 Kristoffer Rose <krisrose>
0x17274627C4FB7099 Matthew Johnson <mjj29>
0x1729F5866A9F3C38 Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan <rkrishnan>
0x172C769F5BA863CC Paul Seyfert <pseyfert>
0x1784577F811F6EAC Brian May <bam>
0x17B1CA7D64089528 Chris Boyle <cmb>
0x17DC3CC470D4A979 Peter S Galbraith <psg>
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