Commit 0377cb81 authored by Mike Gabriel's avatar Mike Gabriel

debian/man: Drop man page for mate-maximus. Now provided by upstream.

parent e0c2a8bd
.\" Title: mate-maximus
.\" Author: Mike Gabriel <>
.\" Date: 04/25/2014
.\" Manual: User Commands
.\" Source: MATE Desktop Environment
.\" Language: English
.TH "MATE\-MAXIMUS" "1" "" "MATE" "User Commands"
mate-maximus \- force all windows to be full-screen
This manual page documents briefly maximus.
\fBmate-maximus\fR is an X program for the MATE Desktop Environment that forces all windows to be
full\-screen. This tool is shipped with the MATE netbook utilities.
\fBmate-maximus\fR takes no command line arguments.
This man page has been written by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das\> for
the Debian system and the MATE Desktop project (and it may be used by others, as well).
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