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    Fix a crash from spot's legacy_params · 4c0754d0
    Tobias Ellinghaus authored
    I am not sure if the crash is really fixed by this, and if it maybe has
    side effects with legacy_params not working as intended, but the old
    code assumed that it was only run while in darkroom view, which is not
    necessarily true for legacy_params which is also run when generating
    Another part of the crash was libs/history.c getting the
    DT_SIGNAL_DEVELOP_HISTORY_CHANGE signal while in lighttable and doing
    bad things because of that. I didn't change that, but the crash seems to
    not happen any more. I assume it's just luck and that we have to revisit
    our signal system some day to either not emit those signals while not in
    darkroom, don't run callbacks from libs not visible at the moment, or at
    least check the current view before assuming that we are in darkroom and
    accessing darktable.develop.
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