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    Windows: remove incorrect Atom detection & revised performance configuration (#1644) · 7c128dcb
    Peter Budai authored
    * Windows: remove incorrect Atom detection
    However this detection code is _only_ running when there in no darktablerc (aka on first start), meaning all other users now have a wrong (very conservative) default with low worker_threads.
    Shall we change the logic to run this detection once more?
    Fixes 11981
    * Add more robust perfomance configuration
    So far perfomance configuration run only once on a naive machine, running darktable for the very first time. This change enables running performance configurations again when we see necessary by bumping DT_CURRENT_PERFORMANCE_CONFIGURE_VERSION. Also different performance configurations are better documented, and more structured.
    * Free config string
    * Performance configuration: enable the user to decide whether to re-run performanc configuration
    * Performance configuration: restructure to work in all scenarios
    * Performance configuration: remove bad comment, fix typos.
    (cherry picked from commit 55cad312)
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