Commit 07d08c3c authored by johannes hanika's avatar johannes hanika

local laplacian: fix spurious segfault

appeared when zoomed to 100% in darkroom mode mostly when changing the mid
tone range. opencl and export code paths did not show this bug.
parent b1da951f
......@@ -317,7 +317,13 @@ void process_sse2(struct dt_iop_module_t *self, dt_dev_pixelpipe_iop_t *piece, c
b.roi = roi_in;
b.buf = &piece->buf_in;
// also lock the ll_boundary in case we're using it.
// could get away without this if the preview pipe didn't also free the data below.
if(self->dev->gui_attached && g && piece->pipe->type == DT_DEV_PIXELPIPE_FULL)
local_laplacian_sse2(i, o, roi_in->width, roi_in->height, d->midtone, d->sigma_s, d->sigma_r, d->detail, &b);
if(self->dev->gui_attached && g && piece->pipe->type == DT_DEV_PIXELPIPE_FULL)
// preview pixelpipe stores values.
if(self->dev->gui_attached && g && piece->pipe->type == DT_DEV_PIXELPIPE_PREVIEW)
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