Commit 4750699a authored by Stefan Schöfegger's avatar Stefan Schöfegger

noise profile: Add Canon Powershot G1 X M III, fixes #12108

parent 0f20624a
......@@ -1304,6 +1304,37 @@
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark II iso 12800", "iso": 12800, "a": [0.000828294332237011, 0.000379433444154145, 0.000694662404092073], "b": [8.39380431509392e-06, 1.04084983535279e-05, 1.14720358511592e-05]}
"comment": "powershot g1 x mark iii contributed by po",
"model": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III",
"profiles": [
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 100", "iso": 100, "a": [4.57774219355928e-06, 3.78623315565294e-06, 7.07699604587252e-06], "b": [-1.03796862309577e-08, -2.68779206458479e-08, -1.79940728916122e-08]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 125", "iso": 125, "a": [5.24726813971914e-06, 4.26036765604355e-06, 8.00209485460277e-06], "b": [-8.19626148508669e-10, -1.62883730996379e-08, -6.03120051356914e-09]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 160", "iso": 160, "a": [7.70340070855849e-06, 6.28409906670815e-06, 1.18071463468324e-05], "b": [5.5948842226793e-09, -2.3045275001531e-08, -6.13430738468962e-09]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 200", "iso": 200, "a": [7.83876030069061e-06, 6.37093818286836e-06, 1.20635399066797e-05], "b": [5.91483837802427e-09, -1.96393580018335e-08, -3.58733340278758e-09]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 250", "iso": 250, "a": [9.47568726684604e-06, 7.65480688120864e-06, 1.44699370866123e-05], "b": [1.8193370322152e-08, -1.4578783904079e-08, 8.66136462783958e-09]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 320", "iso": 320, "a": [1.59350326729767e-05, 1.2840338368949e-05, 2.43524086096957e-05], "b": [5.24078425327106e-08, -1.95517856464949e-08, 2.58819440761023e-08]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 400", "iso": 400, "a": [1.59173066714709e-05, 1.26563657839919e-05, 2.40555396547219e-05], "b": [4.77513083078969e-08, -6.87678805268712e-09, 3.59618167014686e-08]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 500", "iso": 500, "a": [1.93974130942492e-05, 1.54662900497701e-05, 2.93398456746546e-05], "b": [8.06221389098361e-08, 9.13101196147719e-09, 6.57771701016357e-08]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 640", "iso": 640, "a": [2.99503072954472e-05, 2.38275367446975e-05, 4.46629258274658e-05], "b": [1.78165094369387e-07, 2.84895006190124e-08, 1.42841451838969e-07]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 800", "iso": 800, "a": [2.96698583961999e-05, 2.34684967250089e-05, 4.36006098304156e-05], "b": [1.71914370673658e-07, 4.95457441555042e-08, 1.54607841688284e-07]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 1000", "iso": 1000, "a": [3.66588632622048e-05, 2.86973427388683e-05, 5.30052744153981e-05], "b": [2.51629102941425e-07, 1.00050606364292e-07, 2.4577296612498e-07]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 1250", "iso": 1250, "a": [5.65992001977883e-05, 4.44600896942463e-05, 8.11280575239805e-05], "b": [4.66289904473545e-07, 1.91245393964554e-07, 4.91918935802279e-07]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 1600", "iso": 1600, "a": [5.69243628466404e-05, 4.46694106343685e-05, 7.75532259158264e-05], "b": [4.33987231017036e-07, 2.46971706240645e-07, 5.01754270716312e-07]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 2000", "iso": 2000, "a": [7.14363053997811e-05, 5.57074310188798e-05, 9.47285177504573e-05], "b": [6.90773244446704e-07, 3.73065675659335e-07, 7.73247802770937e-07]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 2500", "iso": 2500, "a": [0.000100448215978309, 8.73056017733679e-05, 0.000166152863828847], "b": [1.48236008215501e-06, 7.00067942305691e-07, 1.31236670931831e-06]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 3200", "iso": 3200, "a": [0.000106246784975645, 8.81121032162356e-05, 0.000155522167179277], "b": [1.49165888968108e-06, 7.86973492671814e-07, 1.53658056792751e-06]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 4000", "iso": 4000, "a": [0.00012503660642996, 0.000106572660959273, 0.000187530450829154], "b": [2.31854177191284e-06, 1.28917862671854e-06, 2.34024773277952e-06]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 5000", "iso": 5000, "a": [0.000188479521367384, 0.000164381554200672, 0.000287301898059328], "b": [4.51485886261559e-06, 2.42762618648627e-06, 4.45012793993315e-06]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 6400", "iso": 6400, "a": [0.000182562260715603, 0.000161862672540519, 0.000274328194770649], "b": [4.56037053150264e-06, 2.61506332971832e-06, 4.51556013153611e-06]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 8000", "iso": 8000, "a": [0.000215026500886477, 0.00019897542994673, 0.000338998142005962], "b": [6.71978115958598e-06, 3.98664637261182e-06, 6.44970313672506e-06]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 10000", "iso": 10000, "a": [0.000252547537414755, 0.000238252100475671, 0.000402365179165532], "b": [9.61255244302503e-06, 6.05944924432346e-06, 8.90715203144916e-06]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 12800", "iso": 12800, "a": [0.000302054506725809, 0.000290170984463021, 0.000498560486396611], "b": [1.39436141317414e-05, 9.49271626268154e-06, 1.23019312316658e-05]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 16000", "iso": 16000, "a": [0.00035671062876134, 0.000343441743165226, 0.000640524243598972], "b": [1.85170189330937e-05, 1.37685048731137e-05, 1.47631867440448e-05]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 20000", "iso": 20000, "a": [0.000420181425149029, 0.000403675421520623, 0.000766177885966377], "b": [2.54618435603844e-05, 2.02113915814287e-05, 1.97375126945977e-05]},
{"name": "PowerShot G1 X Mark III iso 25600", "iso": 25600, "a": [0.00054116025275684, 0.000506922758046596, 0.0010114046648181], "b": [3.27151332108038e-05, 2.79763660763751e-05, 2.32815514356351e-05]}
"comment": "powershot g10 contributed by alexander wagner\nduplicate measurements kept for statistical validation (maybe we should average them at some point)",
"model": "PowerShot G10",
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