Commit 80e35b73 authored by Tobias Ellinghaus's avatar Tobias Ellinghaus

Don't use normal operators with SSE

Instead use _mm_*(). Fixes compile with older clang.
parent d99df319
......@@ -114,12 +114,12 @@ static inline __m128 _mm_log2_ps(__m128 x)
static inline __m128 _mm_pow_ps(__m128 x, __m128 y)
return _mm_exp2_ps(_mm_log2_ps(x) * y);
return _mm_exp2_ps(_mm_mul_ps(_mm_log2_ps(x), y));
static inline __m128 _mm_pow_ps1(__m128 x, float y)
return _mm_exp2_ps(_mm_log2_ps(x) * y);
return _mm_exp2_ps(_mm_mul_ps(_mm_log2_ps(x), _mm_set1_ps(y)));
// modelines: These editor modelines have been set for all relevant files by tools/
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