Commit 1c801ebe authored by FRIGN's avatar FRIGN

Use stdin and stdout with 2ff

It always seemed odd to have a file-argument for 2ff, given all other
farbfeld conversion tools operate on stdin and stdout only.
Given I received numerous e-mails on this matter I've decided to change
the usage to lessen the confusion.

Maybe there's a way to do some magic with tee(1), but I didn't bother
just yet.
To ease the transition, the number of arguments are checked and a usage
printed if arguments are given.
parent dbfeeacb
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
FORMAT=`file -ib "$1" | cut -d ";" -f 1` if [ "$#" -ne 0 ]; then
echo "usage: $0" >&2
exit 1
cat > $TMP;
FORMAT=$(file -ib $TMP | cut -d ";" -f 1);
case "$FORMAT" in case "$FORMAT" in
image/png) png2ff < "$1" ;; image/png) png2ff < $TMP ;;
image/jpeg) jpg2ff < "$1" ;; image/jpeg) jpg2ff < $TMP ;;
*) convert "$1" png:- | png2ff ;; *) convert $TMP png:- | png2ff ;;
esac esac
rm $TMP;
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