1. 22 Aug, 2017 2 commits
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      Bump version to 3 · 00dd0ab3
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      This is more or less a refactoring release, but with deep changes in the
      tools that I was hoping to look into for a long time.
      The codebase is in a very consistent state now, also thanks to the
      introduction of a set of common utility-functions.
      What really makes me think is the fact that it takes so many iterations
      and a high level of detail to get the library handling and I/O right.
      It just makes you wonder how much software is out there that is full
      of little subtle bugs that might blow up in your face some day.
      Thanks for all the feedback!
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      Improve the wording on alpha-blending · 62b95f7f
      Laslo Hunhold authored
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      Remove the need of '#' for alpha masks · 4aa840bd
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      To be honest, it can happen too easily that the user forgets to put
      the colour in quotation marks, yielding in the rest of the
      pipeline to be discarded as a comment.
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      Fix the R in the logo · c73b142d
      Laslo Hunhold authored
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      Update usage of ff2jpg(1) and ff2ppm(1) · f04abc0e
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      so they align with the manpages.
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      Refactor invert.c in farbfeld.5 · 9fdfff98
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      I noticed that it would be beneficial to release the invert.c code
      listing under a very permissive license.
      I like the style of the "Copy me if you can"-License, but thought
      that 0BSD would make it even clearer that everyone can do whatever
      he wants with this code.
      The code itself was not bad beforehand, but lacked some elementary
      features like checked flushing at the end and proper error messages.
      I also reworked the data structures a bit to make it more appealing
      and clearer where the "guts" of the code are (i.e. in invert()).
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      Update and refactor the manpages · 48bd9e1f
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      Make them more consistent, and only maintain a list of the conversion
      tools in farbfeld.5.
      Refine the wording on the jpg-manpages.
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      Update the README · 3d73fbaa
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      Rework the introductory paragraph and show examples directly afterwards.
      If people are interested in the tl;dr-sections, they can then read on.
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      Don't suppress imagemagick and png2ff(1) warnings · 96d6bde7
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      Else the user might be left wondering what happened. The output from
      imagemagick might not be the nicest in the world, but it's bearable for
      some given edge-cases.
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      Make comment in ff2jpg(1) more consistent · 1f9d0c28
      Laslo Hunhold authored
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      Refactor 2ff(1) · 42678350
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      The Unix philosophy teaches us that tools should strive to output only
      necessary diagnostic information and also reflect errors properly with
      the return value.
      There were three subtle problems with 2ff:
         1) If the farbfeld-passthrough failed, it would return 1 instead
            of 1.
         2) If the first 8 bytes contained a NUL byte, bash would print
            an ugly warning message. Passing it through tr -d '\0' fixes
         3) Lack of comments. I added some to make the structure even
            clearer, also including using an if-else-structure.
      I removed the 2ff error message; the tools themselves print proper
      messages already.
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      Staticize functions in png2ff(1) · 65435b09
      Laslo Hunhold authored
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      Remove TODO · 1510ddef
      Laslo Hunhold authored
      It's not very useful for the reader any more.