Commit 177810f7 authored by Mike Gabriel's avatar Mike Gabriel

upload to experimental (debian/0.9.12+dfsg-1)

parent 048a280b
libvncserver (0.9.12+dfsg-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
libvncserver (0.9.12+dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=medium
* New upstream release. (Closes: #918777).
-- Mike Gabriel <> Thu, 28 Nov 2019 21:36:05 +0100
* New upstream release to experimental. (Closes: #918777).
* debian/{control,compat}:
+ Switch to debhelper-compat notation. Bump DH compat level to version 12.
* debian/control:
+ Bump Standards-Version: to 4.4.1. No changes needed.
+ Add Rules-Requires-Root: field and set it to "no".
+ Move package maintenance to Debian Remote Maintainers team, after
personal communication with Peter Spiess-Knafl. Thanks for all
previous contributions. Also, make myself uploader.
+ Update Vcs-*: fields. Packaging VCS has been moved over to
+ Update B-Ds; Use cmake for building this package from now on.
Autotools support has been dropped by upstream.
+ Add B-D: liblzo2-dev. Avoid building embedded miniLZO implementation.
+ Add B-D: libsasl2-dev.
* debian/patches:
+ Drop 0001-ignore_webclients.patch. No automake support available in
upstream sources anymore.
+ Drop remove-libpng.patch. Not required anymore since cmake build switch.
+ Add 0001_cmake-multiarch-support.patch. Fix install_targets, so that they
install to multi-arch libdir.
+ CVE-2019-15681: Add CVE-2019-15681.patch. rfbserver: don't leak stack
memory to the remote. (Closes: #943793).
* debian/rules:
+ Add get-orig-source target for maintainers' convenience.
+ Fully switch to cmake based build. Make sure WITH_PNG gets disabled.
+ Enable all hardening flags.
* debian/{control,libvncserver-config.*}:
+ Drop bin:pkg libvncserver-config. Replace by pkgconfig .pc files.
* debian/libvnc*.symbols:
+ Update symbols files.
+ Add *Build-Depends-Package: meta-data fields.
* debian/libvncserver-dev.install:
+ Drop *.a files. No built by cmake based build implementation anymore.
* debian/{control,rules}:
+ Drop dbg:pkgs, start a very late dbgsym migration.
* debian/source/lintian-overrides:
+ Override debug-symbol-migration-possibly-complete. It will be in
* debian/copyright:
+ Use secure URL in Format: field.
* debian/libvncserver-dev.examples:
+ Install examples/ folder into dev:pkg.
* debian/{changelog,control,copyright}:
+ Strip white-spaces off at EOLs.
* debian/tests/smoketest-libvnc*:
+ Stop using $ADDTMP, replace by $AUTOPKGTEST_TMP.
* debian/upstream/metadata:
+ Add DEP-12 compliant metadata file
-- Mike Gabriel <> Thu, 28 Nov 2019 23:43:20 +0100
libvncserver (0.9.11+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=high
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