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Doc update for default profile run in the Recipes section.

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......@@ -633,6 +633,26 @@ contains some of the simplest use cases. You can refer to section @ref{Using
ASynK, Using ASynK}, for detailed documentaiton on each flag, legal and
illegal options, etc.
@section Basic Usage: using the default sync profiles
@kbd{$ python --op=sync [--dry-run] [--log=debug]}
The most common use case is to sync your ~/.bbdb file with google contacts or
your default outlook contacts folder iwth google contacts. ASynK comes
preconfigured to easily do those "out of the box".
When you run the above mentioned command on a windows box a default profile
called @kbd{defgcol} kicks in and your outlook/google contacts are synched
up. On any non-windows platform, your ~/.bbdb is attempted to be synched to
google contacts. You are promoted on the terminal for a username and a
password. The username is cached by ASynK and you will not be promoted for
subsequent runs. Your password is never stored, and you will be promoted for
it every time you run ASynK.
If you want to select your bbdb file, or google contacts group to sync to, or
set up additional sync profiles you should read through the following
sections, or if you are feeling particularly adventurous, edit the file
~/.asynk/state.json (definitely not recomended for a first time user, though)
@section Explore Folders and Create Synk Profile
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