Commit 086dcdc8 authored by Sriram Karra's avatar Sriram Karra

Bugfix: Ensure sync_dir option of SYNC1WAY does the right thing

Due to erroneos initialization of profile settings after reading
from config file / command line, a state.json configuration setting
was not working as expected when sycn_dir was set to SYNC1WAY. If hte
--sync-dir=1way was set, it should have worked as expected.

This is now fixed.

Noted that the same issue was present with the conflict_resolve
option. This is also fixed now.
parent d20b8cd2
## Created : Tue Apr 10 15:55:20 IST 2012
## Last Modified : Sat Jan 05 15:13:25 IST 2013
## Last Modified : Tue Mar 19 22:29:17 IST 2013
## Copyright (C) 2012 Sriram Karra <>
......@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@ def setup_parser ():
help=('For profile operations, specifies profile name. '
'For Folder operations, specifies folder name'))
p.add_argument('--direction', action='store', default='2way',
p.add_argument('--direction', action='store', default=None,
choices=('1way', '2way'),
help='Specifies whether a sync has to be unidirectional '
'or bidirectional. Defaults to bidirectional sync, i.e. '
......@@ -396,7 +396,11 @@ class Asynk:
d = 'SYNC1WAY' if uinps.direction == '1way' else 'SYNC2WAY'
if uinps.direction:
d = 'SYNC1WAY' if uinps.direction == '1way' else 'SYNC2WAY'
d = None
......@@ -882,6 +886,12 @@ class Asynk:
self.add_store_id(self.get_db1(), conf.get_stid1(pname))
self.add_store_id(self.get_db2(), conf.get_stid2(pname))
if not self.get_sync_dir():
if not self.get_conflict_resolve():
if login:
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