Commit 39a7122f authored by Sriram Karra's avatar Sriram Karra

Helper routine to fetch relevant itemid from saved sync_tags

parent be113e13
......@@ -350,6 +350,20 @@ class Item:
return len(arr) > 0
def get_itemid_from_synctags (self, pname, dbid):
"""Look in the synctags list to see if there is an itemid already for
the given profile and dbid combo. This is needed when this item has
been fetched from a remote db and has already been synched to the
destination earlier. """
conf = self.get_config()
label = conf.make_sync_label(pname, dbid)
tag, itemid = self.get_sync_tags(label)[0]
return itemid
except IndexError, e:
return None
def __str__ (self):
ret = '\n%18s: %s\n' % ('itemid', self.get_itemid())
props = self.get_prop_names()
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