Commit 635ba75f authored by Sriram Karra's avatar Sriram Karra

Bugfix: Handle new OL entries with IM property without raising exception

parent a78fb2d9
......@@ -648,13 +648,13 @@ class OLContact(Contact):
imadd = self._get_olprop(olpd, imtag)
if not imadd:
if not len(ims) == 0:
if ims and not len(ims) == 0:
logging.debug('ol:sifo: No IM in Outlook but custom ims : %s',
if len(ims) == 0:
logging.error('%s is a new OL entry with IM',
if not ims or len(ims) == 0:
logging.debug('%s is a new OL entry with IM',
ims = {'_im_addr_label' : 'default'}
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