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Updating internal dev-ony readme

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......@@ -21,6 +21,41 @@
- Autodiscover URLs for Exchange and CardDAV
- Get rid of the sync tags stuff completely from all the stores
* Branch refactor-a (gc-gc refactor)
** Fri Nov 07 13:12:57 IST 2014
Updated the main driver for --op=sync. There is one interesting blocker
related to storing all sync tags. See the comments in
_get_sync_tags_as_str in for more details.
Note Nov 10: this was fixed for all the other DBs as well.
** Thu Nov 06 12:22:11 IST 2014
Still working on the migration of the so all the ops work
with the Collections refactor. Today I migrated many of the operations -
mostly the less important ones.
Next up - the last of the heavy weight operations - sync
** Sun Nov 02 09:46:43 IST 2014
The branch is to enable multiple collections on the same type of db. There
are some restrictions on that today. This branch is for some much needed
refactoring to enable that
The first goal will be to get a BBDB-BBDB sync going. For the other stuff
we will need to work around the authentication stuff.
Status as of now:
./ --help works
./ --op=list-folders --db=bb --store ~/.bbdb needs to be
Nothing involving any of the other dbs will even work
* API design
- Each operation we have now will be a POST call
......@@ -28,6 +63,28 @@
- Client side app will store the state.json to local storage and update it
- Prompt user to store it
* Cmdline checks
./ --op=create-profile --db gc gc --folder \
'default' --store karra.etc karra.etc --name gcgctest --user-dir=/tmp
./ --op=sync --dry-run --name gcgctest --user-dir=/tmp
./ --op=sync --name gcgctest --user-dir=/tmp
./ --op=sync --dry-run --name gcgctest --user-dir=/tmp --log=debug
* Core code flows documentation
** command line invocation main()
-> parse_args()
-> alogger.setup()
-> asynk = Asynk()
-> self.validate_and_snarf_uinps()
-> self._snarf_*
-> asynk.dispatch()
* MS Exchange support
** Next things to do
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