Commit 90a6a9b6 authored by Sriram Karra's avatar Sriram Karra

Do not continue if bbdb records cannot be parsed

During a sync it causes problems if we try to ignore bbdb record
parse errors. This is particularly dangerous with the contact
delete syncing, as the records that could not be parsed are treated
as deletions and removed from the remote end.
parent 96d5a361
## Created : Sat Apr 07 18:52:19 IST 2012
## Last Modified : Sun Jul 01 12:20:31 IST 2012
## Last Modified : Thu Jul 19 12:52:01 IST 2012
## Copyright (C) 2012 by Sriram Karra <>
......@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ class MessageStore:
"""Folder object to which the parsed contacts will be added. fn is the
name of the BBDB file/message store. encoding is a string representing
a text encoding such as utf-8, latin-1, etc."""
with, encoding=encoding) as bbf:
ff = bbf.readline()
if'coding:', ff):
......@@ -253,14 +253,17 @@ class MessageStore:
c = BBContact(def_f, rec=ff.rstrip())
except BBDBParseError, e:
logging.error('Could not parse BBDB record: %s', ff)
fn = c.get_bbdb_folder()
raise BBDBFileFormatError(('Cannot proceed with '
'processing file "%s" ') %
fon = c.get_bbdb_folder()
if fn:
f = self.get_folder(fn)
if fon:
f = self.get_folder(fon)
if not f:
f = BBContactsFolder(self.get_db(), fn, self)
f = BBContactsFolder(self.get_db(), fon, self)
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