Commit 96e365a8 authored by Sriram Karra's avatar Sriram Karra

--op=find-profile now works with the Collection chnages

parent 080c39eb
......@@ -442,39 +442,35 @@ class Asynk:
def op_find_profile (self):
"""For a give set of two [db,st,fo], this will print the name of a
"""For a given set of two [db,st,fo], this will print the name of a
matching profile. If there is no match, then None is printed."""
conf = self.get_config()
## Do some checking to ensure the user provided all the inputs we need
## to process a create-profile operation
db1 = self.get_db1()
db2 = self.get_db2()
if None in [db1, db2]:
colls = self.get_colls()
if len(colls) != 2:
raise AsynkParserError('--op=find-profile needs two PIMDB IDs '
'to be specified.')
sid1 = self.get_store_id(db1)
sid2 = self.get_store_id(db2)
# if None in [sid1, sid2]:
# raise AsynkParserError('--op=find-profile needs two Store IDs '
# 'to be specified.')
fid1 = self.get_folder_id(db1)
fid2 = self.get_folder_id(db2)
## FIXME: Commenting this out as the equivalent old code was commented
## out. There must be some good reason :)
# if not colls[0].all_set() or not colls[1].all_set():
# raise AsynkParserError('--op=find-profile needs two sets of PIMDB IDs '
# 'Store IDs and Folder IDs to be specified.')
if db1 == 'cd' and fid1[-1] != '/':
fid1 += '/'
coll1 = colls[0]
coll2 = colls[1]
if db2 == 'cd' and fid2[-1] != '/':
fid2 += '/'
fid1 = coll1.get_fid(cd_fix=True)
fid2 = coll2.get_fid(cd_fix=True)
if None in [fid1, fid2]:
raise AsynkParserError('--create-folder needs two Folders IDs to be '
'specified with --folder-id.')
raise AsynkParserError('--op=find-profile needs two Folders IDs to be '
'specified with --folder.')
pname = conf.find_matching_pname(db1, sid1, fid1,
db2, sid2, fid2)
pname = conf.find_matching_pname(coll1.get_dbid(), coll1.get_stid(), fid1,
coll2.get_dbid(), coll2.get_stid(), fid2)'Matched profile name: %s', pname)
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